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Merieta B. Photography!

If you enjoy EXPERIENCES and EXCLUSIVITY then Merieta B. Studios may be the place for you! Merieta B. carefully selects each client she decides to work with to ensure a perfect match on both ends. Carrying out the vision of our clients is of utmost importance and we want to make sure it fits our wheelhouse. Please note that Merieta B. is very personable and hands-on at all times to ensure your vision comes to life. Her job is to make sure every client is comfortable and ready for the camera!

Please rest-assured that working with Merieta B. and team is a clean, safe environment and takes the health of every client very seriously. A mask must be worn at all times by everyone on set, in addition to everything being wiped and sprayed down before and after each session. There is hand-sanitizer as you enter the studio, lysol spray and wipes readily available. Only persons being photographed and part of Merieta B.'s creative team is allowed in the studio due to COVID-19 precautions.