Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your studio located?

Playhouse studios, is lcoated in New haven at 1175 State st, suite 209. Zip code is 06511. Parking is in the back in the lot with the giant Paw Haven sign. Walk through the glass doors to the right of the sign and Playhouse will be down the hall on the right hand side.

Is there a grace period for tardiness?

Yes, there is a 15 minute grace period. On the flipside it is encouraged that clients show up up to 15 minutes earlier. Going over your time with alotted grace period will incur additional fees.

Is there a private space to change?

Yes, there is a comfortable and private space that is sectioned off in the studio

How many people can come to my photo shoot?

If under 18, a minor can be accompanied by his or her parents. Otherwise, please keep it at a minimum of 1 extra person outside of the persons being photographed, as per agreed upon

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of 50 percent is due the day the services are agreed to. The reason for this is to insure your time is reserved, and there is a commitment on both sides.

How long is turnaround?

Photo turnaround is generally around 5-7 business days, unless otherwise stated or requested.

Can I bring food?

Preferably no. We are here to shoot not eat! Unless the food is a part of the shoot, i.e. a birthdcay cake for a birthday shoot, then we would prefer you to leave the digestables at home.

What about drink?

Feel free to bring something to drink. We also provide bottled water, coffee and tea!

Anything else I should know?

Bring any special props you would like to use, a positive attitude and get to ready to have some fun!